Why Washing Your Car is Important during Winter Months

Even if you're not the type to want to show off your set of wheels to envious onlookers, keeping your car clean is important when the snow is falling. Aside from improving your visibility to other drivers, it can help you retain more of your car's value in the long run. That's something Weeks Certified Pre-Owned Center knows is important to drivers from the greater Danbury area.

But who actually wants to get out a sponge and bucket when it's freezing out?

Absolutely no one. That's why we recommend using an automatic car wash instead. Along with being more convenient, automatic washes often use a high-powered air dryer to ensure you drive off with no excess water dripping from your bumper. The result: you won't have to worry about your doors or windows freezing shut.

The main reason, however, that we recommend using an automatic car wash is that you can opt to have the undercarriage washed as well. When you drive during the winter, salt and brine can get kicked up by your tires. These corrosive materials may be great for melting snow, but their potency doesn't fade when they're stuck beneath your car. And that can mean rust if you don't do something about it. Lucky for us, most car washes offer an optional undercarriage spray.

Keeping this in mind, the used car experts here at Weeks Certified Pre-Owned Center hope you get more out of your driving experience. If you're interested in further car-care tips like this one, be sure to stay tuned to our blog as there's more to come.

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